De Ja Vue! Slow Trip to DC

4 thoughts on “De Ja Vue! Slow Trip to DC”

  1. We are waiting patiently for our ON-TIME flight from DC to Addis! We are running on 2-3 (or less) hours of sleep, so hopefully we will get some good sleep on the 13 hour plane ride. Here’s to hoping!!

  2. Ow, very sorry to hear about the long road getting to Addis Ababa, Team Two! Thank you for enduring that. Best wishes for your jet lag cures. I noticed the European satellite showing clear skies over the eastern Mediterranean and just a band of clouds across northern Ethiopia today, so perhaps you had some spectacular views from the aircraft. I hope so. Warmer, humid, and gray here today, perhaps a little more snow, and then rain on Friday. El Niño is returning, and we’ve crossed apparently to the warm side of the jetstream again. Have a fun reunion with Team One and a good start to your mission. Thank you in advance for the blogs you will write, and the stories you will tell, and any photos you’ll send. Best of luck with the Internet connection there. Thank you all for your service and sacrifice in doing this important work! Keep on, more soon, John

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