Happy Valentine’s Day and Pictures from Team 1

7 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day and Pictures from Team 1”

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, but especially my beautiful wife Lori!
    It’s a light snow in Lax, just enough to cover up the icy patches on the sidewalk. Still, the big flakes are lovely and it is pretty warm (14F). I see by the photos that Team 2 is on their way. Best wishes to them as well. – Rick

  2. Glad you put that guy to work making coffee. He needs to earn his keep. 😉
    So excited you will be home in a few days. Can’t wait for hugs and stories!

  3. Off you go, Team Two! Indeed, you’re likely halfway there or nearly there by now. Long day and a long flight. Hang in there. Thank you for your commitment and skill and determination to do this important mission work! Still snowing lightly here; we had some sun today, and warmer, but that east wind had a bite. That didn’t stop the chickadees singing one bit. Happy Valentine’s Day again! Great pics, Team One. Many thanks, all. Take care, keep on, more soon, John

  4. Awesome pictures! The hair braiding looks like a lot of fun. That’s cool they have a ping pong table there! Hope you all have a great week!

  5. loved the hairbraiding pic; nice to have the ping pong pic showing the compound. wondering if steph is beating u all in hearts like she does us!

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