Weekend Review

11 thoughts on “Weekend Review”

  1. Jacky, great post! What a fun surprise to be part of a wedding!
    We’re getting excited to hear all the stories when you all return home!

    Devin, boys (and me!) are counting the days. Praying for all of you as you finish your work and travel home. xoxo

  2. I’d like to know, as a person who has a slight fear of heights, how close to the edge were you, Nate, to throw that rock, and Carie, to see the ripples in the water?! What an awesome hike and view it sounds like- thanks Jacky for the lovely description of your Sunday activities. What an amazing opportunity to witness the wedding at church!

  3. Sounds like an eventful weekend at project mercy! The crater lake hike sounded very cool. Also must have been neat to experience the wedding. Were there any wedding traditions that were different from the ones we’re used to?

    I’m glad to hear my Mom (Lori) had a few takers on the old Zen-tangle. It’s pretty fun, huh? Good lightweight travel entertainment. I’ll be interested to see the zen-tangles produced – perhaps they come out a bit differently when drawn in Ethiopia compared to La Crosse, reflecting the different prevailing zen-vibes in Africa.

  4. Thanks for sharing your weekend experience! Zentangle sounds really interesting–i have never heard of it before but it sounds like a fun activity to try! I thought the brides dress was so pretty in the pictures sent earlier–sounds like a long chuch service though! I didn’t realize there was a famous cave near the crater–i’ll be interested to see pictures of that. Hopefully you all have a great week back at work!

  5. An Ethiopian wedding! How cool! I’m sure it was just as joyous as any others around the world. Just another example of how similar humanity is across the globe. Nathan throwing a rock into the water of the crater seems almost as epic as Uncle Rico throwing a football over a mountain range. Well done, Nathan! I probably would have been right there with you! Thanks for an amazing read of week 1 activities! Love you, sister! -Bro

  6. Ethiopia sounds like so much fun! I hope everyone is safe and is healthy! We are missing everyone. At school we have been checking the posts every day! I can’t wait to see you on Monday! love you -Bella

  7. Well, I’ve enjoyed all of the bloggers. Great job! It’s made me wish I were there, except for you all knowing each others daily bathroom routines:) fyi…Nathan has been practicing his rock throwing into ponds since he could walk. Almost every day while his dad was in Residency we would walk around the block to the overflow pond in our neighborhood and he would throw rocks for as long as his sister and I would let him. He’s a natural! As far as 3 hours of church – we do that weekly, so it will be interesting to compare what fills up that amount of time??? Counting down the days till you return, but hoping that you’re taking in all there is to learn from the simplicity of life they enjoy. Be safe. Sadie is missing you too! XOXOXO

  8. Greetings, Team One! We hope you are well and anticipating the arrival of the really jet-lagged Team Two. They must be recuperating in Addis, or having just arrived there, celebrating.

    Great blog, Jacky! You’re a fine writer — as are your colleagues — with most entertaining stories, and clearly an endurance for long church services. The wedding looked very lovely and memorable.

    After reading about and imaging your hike to the crater lake (nice throw, Nathan! — spring training in Florida and Arizona starts next week), I began to wonder about your soaring companions, and found Wikipedia’s list of Ethiopian birds, and the ‘eagle owls’ there. The genus, Bubo, in Ethiopia includes the Pharaoh eagle-owl (Bubo ascalaphus), Cape eagle-owl (Bubo capensis), Spotted eagle owl (Bubo africanus), Greyish eagle owl (Bubo cinerascens), Verreaux’s eagle owl (Bubo lacteus), and more familiar to us and to Harry Potter, the Snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) and the Great horned owl (Bubo virginianus). These guys are, of course, killers who prey on rodents and snakes and other birds, not to mention lizards, beetles, and scorpions. Your friends and mine, to be sure. Have you seen one?

    Wonderful to hear of your heartfelt Valentine’s Day celebration, too. Shared service in faraway places pulls people together like little else. You will carry fond memories of your days among friends and close colleagues at Project Mercy always. Love never dies. To this day, we celebrate it in countless ways in family, community, and in faith — apparently one of the St. Valentines in history may have been martyred in the Roman provinces of Africa. His day lives on.

    Meanwhile, here at home, it’s too warm, too grey, and too damp: 28F and “Patchy rain showers, snow showers, and freezing drizzle before 4pm, then a slight chance of snow showers between 4pm and 5pm. Patchy fog before 9am.” Just the kind of day to make one want to get on a plane for Ethiopia — even with missed connections, bad weather, little sleep, and a Cipro or two — 73F and mostly sunny, hmmm. Way to go, Team Two, you must be there or nearly there, ready to greet old friends and new, share a fine meal, and get some much needed sleep! Thank you for making the trip!

    Do have a fine reunion — we look forward to your next post. : -) Keep on, more soon, John

  9. The wedding photograph is so beautiful, it looks like a fairytale! Great to hear about all your activities, and a special thrill about the zentangle — one of my favorite little stress-reducing hobbies as well! I just signed up for a new, (on sale 1/2 price) sketching class on Craftsy, one that focuses on loose, Gesture sketches of people — it’s fun because you can’t be the least bit critical, it’s just practice and loosy-goosy is the whole point, to just capture the action line or motion of the figure. Glad to hear you got some R&R on a Sunday, you all certainly need to have some down time to process & recharge for all the great work you are doing! Thank you!!! so on the dating front — my dating website turned up a possible person … & after texting a bunch turns out he is working for the DoD and on deployment in Afghanistan. SHEESH!!!! WHAT NEXT? I’m wondering how to politely ask him how he thinks he’s going to wine, dine and charm me from there. NEXT!! lol. I did thank him for his service and sacrifices.

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