Team 2 Safely in Ethiopia!

14 thoughts on “Team 2 Safely in Ethiopia!”

  1. So glad you arrived safely. I’m sure you’re very glad to finally be there, with the various airline delays! Glad your bags made it as well. As always, THANK YOU for all you are doing with this mission of mercy. And, thanks for taking the time to write and keep us updated. Your blogs are always the first thing I read, as they’re so interesting. I’m sure a lot of us are traveling with you, in spirit!

    Kathy D.

  2. So glad to hear you made it without any more travel snafus! You all look lovely and well-rested (at least compared to the airport photos) in the pics.

  3. Whoa…. Jeff and I are breathing a huge sigh of relief…. WAY TO GO!!!! So thankful for calm heads and the (growing) gift of patience! Praying for a great night of sleep for each of you so that you are refreshed and ready to go. The road trip to Yetebon begins the ‘real journey’ and we miss being there with you to enjoy it. You make us proud…..

  4. Congratulations, Team Two — you made it! What a long haul! We’re glad you’re looking well-rested and happy to be there. Meanwhile, here at home, we can barely see the bluffs for the fog, and with the rock salt underfoot, plus early melt and muddy slop, it’s all making us very glad to hear your news. Please tell us about your tour of the capital, and of your journey to Yetebon when you have a minute. We’d all love to be there, too. At least mostly — well, maybe not the ice fishers and the curlers, but nearly all of the rest. : -) Thank you so much for going, and for all the good work you will do! Keep on, more soon, John

  5. At a recent conference in San Diego, I spoke with Dessalegn Negeri, PhD from Addis Ababa University. He was speaking at the international conference on child maltreatment. HIs email is or dassuu@gmailcom. He told me that he is the coordinator for the school of social work at Addis Ababa University and has students which serve the area where you are working. His title is Coordinator, MSW Distance Program. Phone number is 251911339643 and text number is 150527. He would be pleased to hear from you about the interface between his graduate social work students and the work of GHS in that area of Ethiopia. It’s a small world. Best wishes, Denyse Olson-Dorff

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