Team Podiatry

6 thoughts on “Team Podiatry”

  1. Devin and Stephanie, It sounds like you had many challenges in your day to day work–thank you. Despite things you couldn’t do during your time there, your blog ended positively with your expectations of Team 2’s arrival and that they could continue this important work.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful update! Safe travels to Addis – and then back to the states! Hard to believe that it is almost time for Team 1 to return!

  3. Oh my! And here I am a shoe-aholic. Wish I could have sent some with you! Your blogs keep reminding me of how blessed we all are —

  4. I can not begin express how honored I am to know some of our Podiatry team! Every one of your are amazing individuals. The pictures show a lot of satisfaction, pride and comraderie along with the compassion you feel for these people. God Bless you all.

  5. Wonderfully said, Devin and Stephanie! Your descriptions put us on the dusty roads, and looking over your shoulders in exam rooms and surgery, and feeling both your frustration at not being able to help everyone, yet your comfort at nonetheless helping many. Thank you for sharing it all so well! Here, here for podiatrists! (And the orthopaedists next year, too.) At this point, before 8:00a.m. on Thursday morning, I wonder if you have by now landed in D.C., passed through customs, and perhaps are even on your last legs (not literally : -) of a long journey. You must be eager to get here, to see family and friends, to share more stories, to have some fine Wisconsin cheese, and to catch up on sleep in your own beds. Hooray for home! Who cares about the downside of the Upper Midwest in mid-February, of maybe one more cold shot before this El Niño winter ends, you are almost THERE! Enjoy this warm weekend, have fun with family and friends, recall the joys and sorrows of your journey, feel really good about what you were able to accomplish, write down resolutions and ideas for the next mission. Know that we, your friends and admirers, are very proud of you and your work, of Global Partners, and the spirit of service and international peace that sent you nearly halfway ‘round the earth to share your skill and determination to make life better for the people of Ethiopia. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Team One! John

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