Team 2 First Day at Work and Pictures

10 thoughts on “Team 2 First Day at Work and Pictures”

  1. WOW!!! I think about each of you doing such rewarding work and enjoying the people at Project Mercy. Your messages to all of your followers are wonderful and I miss being there with you. Sally Hillesand and I got together yesterday afternoon to make a new style of cap/bonnet and we talked about some of the transportation (airline) issues but certainly know that all will be OK. Be safe and have fun. Enjoy the sites and sounds of your sorroundings. Blessings and Hugs!

  2. I’m so proud of our team from Mooresmiles! Dr. John Moore, Pat, and Sam are amazing! The whole project mercy team is in our thoughts and prayers. Be safe and have fun.

  3. Team Two, you did hit the ground running! Nice work, and great photos, thank you. After all the delays getting there, you are making the best of it. Wonderful dentistry! Great Ob/Gyn, too!Your Bubba is definitely a hospital-wright of the highest order — really awesome. Way to go, Tom’s Shoes, again, too. Your foot bathing is so cool. Poor Don Kee Hotee — we hope he can find other work. Walk on, Don. Meanwhile, here at home, we’ve a sunny morning with a thunderstorm or showers maybe, then more sun and really windy this afternoon, yet 50F. Chinook winds blowing. Further, the National Weather Service in LSE yesterday issued the first of two flood outlooks, “OVERALL…THE FLOOD POTENTIAL FOR THIS SPRING LOOKS TO BE NEAR NORMAL…SLIGHTLY ENHANCED RISK FOR MINOR FLOODING FOR THE WISCONSIN TRIBUTARIES…” Now you know. Rain there – that’s great! Do the kids dance in the rain? Still, the stories of the African drought are really concerning. Nonetheless, thank you so much for all your hard work there, for making the long trip, and for giving of yourselves, and your considerable talents and energy to the people of Ethiopia! We’re very proud of you! Keep on, more soon, John

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