Adventures in Tanzania

5 thoughts on “Adventures in Tanzania”

  1. That’s so awesome that u got to travel on a small private plane! I love how in foreign countries they serve juice when u arrive at the hotel. Hope u enjoy your time in Tanzania it sounds awesome so far!

  2. Team Safari! Good moniker. : -) We’re glad you could go to Tanzania — Heather, Carie, and Kelly! So if we google Earth those coordinates in your photo (changing the first apostrophe to a degree character, less my brackets, thus:), , we can see that you are near the beautiful Serena Mivumo River in dense forest in east-central Tanzania. Very cool (so to speak). Your photos are wonderful. We’re glad the guy toting the hardware is protecting the animals, and not you! Have a great safari. You’re only missing late winter here, yet the days really are longer now and we think warm is 41F. Have fun! Thank you so much for the news! Keep on, more soon, John

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