Adventures in “Town”

5 thoughts on “Adventures in “Town””

  1. Great Post Rachel! Looks like you’re having an amazing time! You’ll have to tell me all about how great the food was there!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful blogs – we are soaking up every word and story and living it vicariously through you. What a privilege to spend time with Marta and Deme; they are the prime examples of humble servants. It’s fun to see your smiles of delight; it looks like you are having a great time. We are also loving the smiles and faces of the children and staff we recognize, We are so proud of all that you are doing…yeah TEAM TWO. Love you guys…. Jeff and Sally

  3. Great post Rachel! I love the term “Bijama” almost as much as the hat Jacob’s is wearing at the Rediet Hotel in Butajira. Hopefully the Bijama patient I had is doing well and awaiting skin graft soon. I’m so glad you got to meet Marta and Deme, though I am jealous we didn’t run into them on Team One. I’m adjusting to life in the States again and certainly happy to be with my family again, though I feel a part of me remained in Yetebon. I hope everyone on Team Two is healthy, sleeping well and enjoying this experience. Continue to do good work! Please say hi to Abel for me, and here’s a shout-out to Brian! Your 3 hunk-mates miss you and hope you’re not sobbing too much on Jeremiah’s bed! Ciao!

  4. Wow, you got to meet, Marta and Deme, Team Two! In reading the Project Mercy Wikipedia page, I rediscovered that they are real Ethiopian heroes – what an amazing story and a testament to their faith, and that of the Ethiopian people emerging from a dark period in their history. We can learn much from a Christian couple whose strong ministry serves a predominantly Muslim population. Their whole community development philosophy shows such wisdom and vision. We’re so glad you can be a part of this work.

    Very glad that you could all go to the market in Butajira in the repaired bus. That would have been a herculean task for Don Kee Hotee. Eye opening market, indeed. Your meal sounds wonderful! Glad you could star gaze and rest and work hard again.

    Another near spring-like day here, warming into the mid-30s plus with sun, then later perhaps a bit more snow or mixed with showers. Yesterday was the running of the 43rd American Birkebeiner from Cable to Hayward, with this evening the ‘North American premiere – “Birkebeinerne” (“The Last King” – Norwegian feature film)’ at 8:00p.m. in Hayward. One has to imagine that at least a few Vikings made it to Ethiopia in the days of yore. : -) The latter day ones are surely there now. Have a fun Sunday evening. Thank you for all you do! Keep on, more soon, John

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