Adventures on the Gurange Mountains

5 thoughts on “Adventures on the Gurange Mountains”

  1. Love all the pictures and updates. I know that you are ALL doing a fantastic job! Keep up the rewarding work. Hope all the food and coffee is just a good as I remember.
    The weather is warm and the snow is melting!!!

  2. Hi Katie and team,
    Thanks for all the work you are doing. You are doing a great job and I really enjoy the pictures (especially the one with food and animals in them). I would love to see some pictures of Ethiopian dogs! Brian and Joyce have been praying for you and the team, I lay around wondering when I’m going to see you again. I must be growing up because they even gave me my own room at night, most nights I still cry myself to sleep.

    Keep up the good work. Say hi to the team for me. Next time I want to go with you, I would love to work with the kids. Love you, Abby

    PS. The house is getting painted and I’ve helped. I learned to paint with my tail, I’ve saved you a sample of the new wall color. I love to bark at the handsome black lab next door (although Brian and Joyce keep telling me it’s not real … something about it being a metal cut out … yeah right).

  3. Love the updates. So excited for each of you–what you are bringing to this community, and what they will leave with you. Greetings to you, Katie Farka! You are loved and missed. Abby has actually been pretty good all day, since she stays up all night whining! Keep up your great work and sweet spirit.
    Praying for you all – for wisdom, health, rest and joy!

  4. Great hike on a good day off, Team One! Even with a bit of recent rain, it looks very dry there. A beautiful place with delightful people — you must be over your jag lag and feeling more rested. Looks like some soccer player guides along to accompany you, too. They have very likely never experienced a snowfall, perhaps only seen it afar on the highest peaks. True? In addition to their football and scholarly work, they may be gardeners, goatherds, and kitchen help, too. Lucky kids! Mary and Rachel, nice photo! What is that structure behind you, maybe something under construction? It’ll be fun to hear the rest of your story, Dr. Sig! Thanks for the news and photos. Keep on, more soon, John

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