Transition Day at Project Mercy

3 thoughts on “Transition Day at Project Mercy”

    1. just think you will come home with only the suitcase and some personal items!
      Tell me that they are still wearing the surgical caps at the hospital and the aprons in the dining room and maybe a pink backpack one one of the house children!
      I also hope that playing soccer and cards games at the end of the day is going well.
      Enjoy your time at Project Mercy!

  1. Fine blog posts, Brian and Katie! Thank you for capturing and sharing the sentiment and detail of your experience. Project Mercy seems such a vibrant, yet peaceful place, and clearly without the media hubbub and traffic and rushing about that we have at home — even if you did have a very busy transition day. Enjoy the time, please keep us posted.

    The red osier dogwood is glowing here, and there’s patches of green grass showing in south-facing spaces. The standing melt water is icy at the moment, but it will be running again this afternoon, and most afternoons all week. The river ice is beginning to move. The motor bikers are beginning to appear, sharing the road with the hardy winter-long fat tire cyclists. Ice fishing is in full swing with the bucket folks basking in weak sunshine. The 10,000 plus eelpout fishers had to walk out onto Leech Lake this weekend for the big festival. Vehicles except for snowmobiles and ATVs were banned from the ice — no RVs out there this year.

    Thank you again for your work and service and sacrifice in making the trip, and for sharing your photos and stories and feelings. We really appreciate it all! Keep on, more soon, John

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