Adventures in Zanzibar

7 thoughts on “Adventures in Zanzibar”

  1. Wonderful post! Thank you for the pictures. I especially enjoyed reading about the spices…very interesting! I’m glad you are having a great time, but I’m also very excited to see you later this week and here about your adventures : )

  2. Jeanne and Deb, wonderful! You are in, or at least very near, seafood paradise! What a beautiful place. Great to hear you are having such a good time. The spices must be so aromatic, and as you said, mysterious. This cuisine is not your everyday Wisconsin steel-cut oatmeal!

    Thank you for sharing the slave trade memorial photo, and the note on contribution of David Livingston. This dark chapter of human history echoes daily in the lives of everyone everywhere around the world.

    The arches of the fish market are beautiful and so solid looking. No doubt the aroma traveled widely on the Indian Ocean breeze. Great sunsets, too!

    Meanwhile, here at home, after a beautiful weekend, it’s cooler and overcast, maybe a bit of rain and snow tomorrow, high’s in the mid-30sF. We may be beyond the deep cold, yet winter does seem to drag on in these gray days. It’s always brightening to hear from snow-avian friends in far off places with entertaining news and photos. : -) Thank you so much! Enjoy it all — safe travels! Keep on, more soon, John

  3. Wow Nice pictures, looks just like Friday Fish in Wisconsin..maybe not! Safe travels and thanks for all the posts and pictures. Tom

  4. Cool pictures! Looks like zanzibar was a lot of fun as well as very relaxing. Hope your trip home is smooth and worry-free.

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