8 thoughts on “Change”

    1. Thanks for the updates. One day at a time our partnership and working with Project Mercy will make a difference. Thanks for all your work and dedication.

  1. Hello to all. While I don’t respond to each post, please know I do read each one and look forward to them popping into my e-mail. Thank you SO much for all your teams (1&2) are doing – or have done for Project Mercy. The stories you send back are heartwarming – sometimes funny, oftentimes sad – and make us realize how much we have (monetarily) and how much we take for granted … and then how little (monetarily) they have, but how rich they are in spirit. A good lesson for us all!

    It was a mild weekend here – our snow is almost gone, except for the piles from the snowplow or snow blower and I see green grass outside! While green grass is certainly a cause for celebration, I suspect we haven’t seen the last of the snow – or the cold. After all – this IS February, even if we were outside with light jackets yesterday!

    The Badgers (basketball) won last night in thrilling come-from-behind fashion. They were cold in the first half and even down by 13 points with about 12 minutes to go in the game. A switch must have been flipped somewhere, because they came roaring back and won by 9!!!! Lots of fun to watch – at least in the second half.

    Again – thank you for all you are doing. Travel safe and please keep the wonderful blogs, stories and photos coming!

    Kathy D.

  2. Hi Katie and team,

    Thanks so much for the blog with all the updates, it is great to see and hear about what you are doing. Brian and Joyce said they’ve been praying for you and the team! I really like the pictures you’ve sent, especially the ones that show the animals and the food you’ve been eating. I’d love it if you’d take some pictures of Ethiopian dogs, it would be really cool to see what they look like.

    I’ve been doing pretty good since you’ve been gone. Brian and Joyce gave me my own room to sleep in but sometimes I still cry myself to sleep at night. I’ve been pretty lazy during the day, but when Brian gets home sometimes we go for a walk!

    I miss you, come home soon. Abby

    PS: Brian and Joyce are painting the living room and I got to help. My tail makes a good paint brush … I’ll show you the paint color when you get home. There’s a real cute black lab next door … I keep trying to get his attention by barking at him. Joyce says he’s not real … just a metal cut out … yeah right!

  3. Thank you, Dr. Sig and Jean Ann – your observations are keen and hopeful! The Global Partner’s work there sets a fine example for the children — and for all of us — of kindness and gratitude. Your morning routine sounds great; just observing that beautiful garden has to be really inspiring.

    Thank you, Team Two, for washing and working on the children’s feet, and fitting them with new shoes! That must make them very happy. W’re glad to hear conditions are improving there, and especially that water will be closer to the people. Hauling water is hard work — we barely understand what it would be like to spend hours at it daily.

    Back here at home, it looks like rain then snow today and tonight. Winter continues, yet with much of the ice melted in town, more people were out walking yesterday. I want to look around for the thermogenic Skunk cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus) to see it melting snow around itself, apparently to help it attract the early pollinators via its stinkiness. Hey, it’s late winter! : -)

    With that said, so long for now. Thank you, Team Two, for all you do, and will do there, and for making the long journey to assist your Ethiopian friends and neighbors! Keep on, more soon, John

  4. Great note ….and although you will never get thanked for all you do…the many touches…in not only acute healthcare but also the day to day improvement of food, clothing, housing, education , etc. Will have long term positive influence on so many lives…..Thanks

    Jeff Thompson

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