The Oro­-Gyno Connection

3 thoughts on “The Oro­-Gyno Connection”

  1. Very much fun, John and Mary! Thank you for the variation on the Gershwins’ lyrics – you were singing in the ORs, we think! You completely describe the paradox of relative wealth in the worship service with the Ethiopian’s beautiful music and generous offerings.

    Thank you for the photos, Ashley, Mary, and Ellen, and also Rachel and Mike! We’re so glad you are there, and working to do a great deal of good.

    Are there midwives at Project Mercy yet? Liz mentioned a training program for them. They will be very beneficial to many families there.

    Another grey day here at home, still and damp, no snow yesterday. The vehicles are off the ice. The northside river and lake banks are showing the retreat of winter. I’m looking forward to listening for the candle ice music, when the soot and grit melts through ice afloat and the resulting candles, long shards that break away, make these wonderful tones as they float together. It’s a brief concert. : -)

    Thank you again, Team Two! Very fine work there, we’re very proud of you! Keep on, more soon, John

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