Team Updates

10 thoughts on “Team Updates”

  1. Wow! You are doing great and it’s great to get your updates! Thanks! Blessings as you prepare to say “good-bye” and fly home. Prayers are with you —

  2. Sounds like you are having an amazing week! Thanks to all of you for all that you are doing!! Enjoy the rest of your time in Ethiopia! And safe travels!

    1. Thanks for everyone’s updates. I know that everyone at Project Mercy appreciates all that we can help with and teach, This will make a difference for the patients and needs of the community and maintance of the equipment they have, Keep up the great work!!! Safe travels and can’t wait to see more pictures and hear more stories when you return.

  3. What a great team summary–thanks for a great recap. The picture of Wondi and Bubba is priceless! Was Bubba able to get the autoclaves working again? Can’t wait to hear more of the details when you return. Safe travels as you travel home and hope the three travelers staying later won’t have visa issues getting home!

  4. Hello from Team 2 Dental!! We just landed in Chicago and have had no travel snags thus far…other than residual sunburn and chapped lips. Addis Check-in was easy as was the new automated passport scanners they have for your return once in DC. The three of us feel privileged to have served at Project Mercy with you all! Praying for a great last evening and day for all y’all and safe travels!
    P.S. The Badgers schooled Iowa!!

  5. Thanks for the great update, I am so happy everything has gone well and you are all being kept busy as I know you would be. I miss the people and Project Mercy already…it is a wonderful place…travel safely. Jeanne K. Team One.

  6. Oh, my goodness. Just reading your blog makes me tired! Amazing how much you are all able to accomplish – all the wonderful work you are doing! As always, thank you – from all of us who aren’t there with you. Travel safely – soon you will be home. Saturday’s forecast is for close to 50 (above!) Snow (that was not drifted or plowed) is pretty much gone. Drifts and banks are still there though. Green grass is showing through (for now.)

    Godspeed! Welcome home (almost …)

  7. Wonderful work, Team Two! Thanks for all the news, Katie. No wonder you are all weary — you have been working really hard. Here’s to all of you — what a crew! Glad to read that Dr. John and the Dental Team made it home ok, too. You’re journey is winding down, and as Heather mentioned earlier, you will never be the same. Thank you for the great anecdotes with your fine sense of humor all intact and the photos, too. You are a team in the true sense of the word! Thank you for teaching, too, in that you stay with your friends and students there long after you go, indeed for all their lives. Along with Bubba, you are all rock stars — Katie, John, Pat, Sam, Rachel, Mike, Mary, Brian, Sig, Jean Ann, Iyad, Tina, Bri, Ellen, and Ashley along with your Sahai, Wondi, Gerachew, Beza, Gezu, and Abel, and of course, Dr. Fekadu, and all the other staff, and everyone in Team One, too! You all inspire us immensely!

    Meanwhile, this early Friday is about to be a nice day with decreasing clouds and west winds to precede a whopper Saturday May day in February tomorrow, with the El Niño that “remains strong…indicators are starting to show weakening…(NOAA).” The irony of global warming in the Upper Midwest at the end of winter is that we are always looking forward to spring, even when it comes much too soon.

    You will be glad to learn that you may arrive home to snow on Monday, if you are winging in then. In any case, safe travels, and many, many thanks for all your fine work! Keep on, more soon, John

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