Team 2 Wrap Up and Pictures

4 thoughts on “Team 2 Wrap Up and Pictures”

  1. Thanks for the great stories and pictures by everyone, You all are wonderful to give of you time and talents and certainly we will have long lasting relationships with Project Mercy those people. I just heard the Bubba is ready to go back and stay longer since there are still many repairs to be completed!
    Prayers anb Blessings to all that read these blogs and comments.

  2. Welcome home! Still keeping fingers crossed for the last 3 travelers to make it safely back as well. Love the pictures you posted here. Can’t wait to see many more.

  3. Thank you, Katie! You describe it all so well! We hope you are feeling lots better, and sleeping well, too, and recovered from jet lag and culture shock. (Wisconsin will do that to you! : -)

    The photos are wonderful. We can tell you worked very hard. Thank you!

    Your fellow travels must have found the Danakil Depression amazing – what a home, our Earth. It will be fun to hear more about it.

    Please let us know when your presentation will occur, Team Two and Team One. You are all heroes! Thank you for your mission, for your hearts of gold, and for all you have accomplished! Keep on, John

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