March 14 | TEAM

This will be our final blog entry for our Tanzania 2010 Trip; once again, thank you for following this journey with us.  We have had an amazing time and have been grateful for the opportunity to serve and work.  We worked hard – and then rewarded ourselves with a safari to Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.  … Continue reading March 14 | TEAM

March 13 | Jeff

Greetings all, We are at KIA Lodge near the airport where we have day rooms so we can shower and repack our bags!  We bought much more than we had anticipated so have 5 bags stuffed instead of 2 or 3 had we not bought anything. We just finished our 3 day safari and had … Continue reading March 13 | Jeff

March 12

Mary arrived back in La Crosse at 6PM on March 11,  safe & sound and plenty tired! The rest of the team has left on Safari – they fly out on March 13th – beginning their adventure back to the states.  For those interested in their flight information: March 13th Depart Kilimanjaro: 10:35 PM | KLM Flight … Continue reading March 12

March 11 | Mary

It is with great and deep emotion that I departed from the mission team to return  to the USA this morning. We bonded significantly and accomplished a fantastic first mission to Tanzania. Each very special member of this team has contributed to the lives of some nearly 60 surgical patients. I could not have done … Continue reading March 11 | Mary

March 10 | Sally

Written by Sally Hi, I am Sally, one of the RN’s working with Gundersen Lutheran at Nyakato Health Center.  Thank you for taking the time to share our experience with us through this blog.  Forgive us if we repeat what has already been shared as we do not have the opportunity to read what others … Continue reading March 10 | Sally

March 9 | Sarah

Written by Sarah This is my first mission trip and I have always had a passion for Africa.  When I saw the opportunity to go to Tanzania, I jumped at the chance.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect, or what my role would be as a nurse, but I have adapted to the environment. … Continue reading March 9 | Sarah