Home Safe | Sally H

[Stay tuned for updates from the Safari team, Zanzibar team, and pictures from Kilimanjaro!] We have all arrived home safely, but I think each team member would admit they left part of their heart back in Tanzania. We are attempting to catch up on sleep and return to our normal daily lives, which will never … Continue reading Home Safe | Sally H

March 27 |

Habari za asubui! It is hard to believe that it is our last day in Nyakato.  I think the hardest part of this trip is saying goodbye to all our friends both old and new.  We will be able to go to chapel today and say our goodbyes—always a bit sad.  The safari team is … Continue reading March 27 |

March 26 | Kristy, Lori, Eric

From Jeff [3/27]: Good morning, Hard to believe that this is the last day we are here.  Last night the Masai guards dressed in their native shukas and danced and sang for us.  Everyone enjoyed them – especially getting pictures with them and trying to do their jumping dancing.  They have really become wonderful friends–rafikis to us especially … Continue reading March 26 | Kristy, Lori, Eric

March 25 | Jeff H

Habari zako from Nyakato.  What an amazing team we have again this year.  It is such a treat to see how each team comes together each year—so many job backgrounds all coming together to make a well-oiled machine.  We have a multi-talented team that has been able to flex into each others roles very easily. … Continue reading March 25 | Jeff H

March 24 | Kevin

Notes from Jeff this morning (3/25 in TZ): Everyone loves getting the blog updates and news from home – keep the comments coming!  Lots of rain last night but sunny this AM.  We’re off to church shortly.  Cinnamon rolls from Paula!  Everyone is amazed how well fed they are!  We are afraid we will gain … Continue reading March 24 | Kevin

March 23 | Sandy B

Habari za usiku!  What a day!  Here is a quick overview of our day before we head for a much needed nights sleep.   Not a person here who isn’t exhausted after the day. We are up in the morning with the rooster crowing and the Muslim call to prayer at 5:30 (some of us are … Continue reading March 23 | Sandy B