End of Week 1

by Keli Shapiro More School Physicals, Vision screening, and Tom’s Shoes Today most of the team spent our third morning at the school.  Over the last three days we have seen the all of the 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  Each child was given a new pair of Tom’s shoes, had their vision screened, were … Continue reading End of Week 1

Safety Alerts

from Liz Arnold Hello Friends, family and faithful blog followers, Everyone is safe in Ethiopia. There has been a State of Emergency declared in Ethiopia as of yesterday (Feb 17th) due to a change over in government leadership. The State of Emergency was put into place mostly as a precautionary measure during this time of … Continue reading Safety Alerts

Good Enough? YES!

by Jeff Hillesland Thanks to all who have been posting comments on our blog.  They are so appreciated and anticipated—your comments are the only connection we have to family and friends back home so please keep them coming.    Today Dr. Fakadu asked me to help him decide if Wondi was “good enough” to go … Continue reading Good Enough? YES!

Celebrations in Yetebon

By Cheryl Vieth Happy Valentine’s Day!! The team all made Valentine’s for each other which we exchanged after supper. I was very impressed with everyone’s creativity. With little to no supplies, we all searched out items from Project Mercy’s sewing room, construction paper, surgical items, and items from nature of Ethiopia. Poems were written as … Continue reading Celebrations in Yetebon

Hot showers for all!

by Kelli Sanders Happy Valentine’s Day!  The team is doing amazingly well.  No one has gotten ill yet which in itself is amazing.  As you have likely read, we are bonding as a team and a wonderful group of friends.  The data is still turned off so we rarely have any connection except for when … Continue reading Hot showers for all!

Tenastylin from Yetebon!

by: Bev Sorenson Tenastylin (Hello) from Yetebon Ethiopia!!  Today we left the city of Addis and ventured to Yetebon.  The countryside of this country is simply beautiful.  The mountains are amazing.  We arrived safely.  I enjoyed the countryside views of animals in the streets, the farming communities and the warm weather.  My highs today were … Continue reading Tenastylin from Yetebon!