Tenastylin from Yetebon!

by: Bev Sorenson Tenastylin (Hello) from Yetebon Ethiopia!!  Today we left the city of Addis and ventured to Yetebon.  The countryside of this country is simply beautiful.  The mountains are amazing.  We arrived safely.  I enjoyed the countryside views of animals in the streets, the farming communities and the warm weather.  My highs today were … Continue reading Tenastylin from Yetebon!


We have 12 happy campers that have safely arrived in Addis.  It’s amazing how a nice bed to sleep in, a warm shower and change of clothes can revitalize our spirits.  We had a one hour layover in Togo but could only look at the scenery and enjoy the warm (or should I say HOT) … Continue reading Arrived!

Back in the USA

Good morning to all. From the 2017 Global Partners Ethiopia team, we’re happy to report that all of us have traveled safely back to the US. We have just landed in Washington, D.C. We still need to go through custom and luggage claim yet, but at least our journey back to the comfort of our … Continue reading Back in the USA

Final Stories & Songs

Thursday, October 12, 2017 By Liz Arnold My teammates have done a stellar job of articulating each day’s events during our trip. I thought I’d wrap up with some reflections, short stories and anecdotes as we approach departure: 10:45pm on Ethiopian Airlines flight 0500. Sixteen hour flight to Washington D.C. with a stopover in Dublin, … Continue reading Final Stories & Songs

Adera in Addis

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 By Liz Arnold Thirteen days ago a group of Ferengees (foreigners) boarded a plane in Newark destined for Addis. Tomorrow evening, we board a flight returning to the U.S. It’s hard to believe our two-week trip is coming to a close. This will be the last blog we read together in … Continue reading Adera in Addis

H1Y1-Yetebon goes viral

by Barb Lund Seems the long, hard working days and extra curricular activities have caught up with a few of our team. Becky, Dr Moore, Jen, and now Karla have come down with cold-like symptoms. Not anything that good rest and a little chocolate can’t cure.  And yes, we still have some Nutella left. “Team … Continue reading H1Y1-Yetebon goes viral