March 10 | Sally

Written by Sally Hi, I am Sally, one of the RN’s working with Gundersen Lutheran at Nyakato Health Center.  Thank you for taking the time to share our experience with us through this blog.  Forgive us if we repeat what has already been shared as we do not have the opportunity to read what others … Continue reading March 10 | Sally

March 9 | Sarah

Written by Sarah This is my first mission trip and I have always had a passion for Africa.  When I saw the opportunity to go to Tanzania, I jumped at the chance.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect, or what my role would be as a nurse, but I have adapted to the environment. … Continue reading March 9 | Sarah

March 9, Evening | Jeff

Written by Jeff Beautiful day here.  Sunny, warm and no clouds in the sky.  There is a light breeze blowing and best of all it didn’t rain during the night–no wind storms, lightening or heavy rains to wake us up.  It was great sleeping all night.  More unusual cases in the OR today and less circumcisions–nice change though.  Tomorrow … Continue reading March 9, Evening | Jeff

March 9, Morning | Diane

Written by Diane I am Diane, one of the nurses, and have been spending a good share of my time in the OR.  Working in the OR has been an interesting and challenging experience.  It has made me realize how many things we take for granted such as electricity, clean sheets, air conditioning and pest … Continue reading March 9, Morning | Diane

March 8 | Phil

Written by Phil Yee, MD Gundersen Lutheran had the fortunate opportunity to provide care to the people of Nyakato and Mwanza, Tanzania. This was our first medical mission as an organization as well as for many of its individual participants.  This mission trip was surgery based and the whole GL group utilized their talents to attempt a smooth operative experience for … Continue reading March 8 | Phil

March 8 | Mary

Written by Mary All is well.  I am the nurse anesthetist on this mission.  We have about 49 cases behind us and safely escorted through anesthesia and surgery in a very spartan environment.  It is much like the Iquitos, Peru setting the Drs Lynn Martin and Robert Groshek participated in a few years ago.  Flies … Continue reading March 8 | Mary