[Playing Catchup | 2.28]

From Jeff – delayed due to technical issues… Greetings all, After a delayed flight out of La Crosse, we got to Minneapolis in time for lunch with our daughter and son-in-law.  We headed off to Amsterdam at 3pm for our first 8 hour flight.  Amsterdam was wet with rain most of the time we were … Continue reading [Playing Catchup | 2.28]

March 1, Morning | Jeff

Update received March 1 at 2:11 AM (CST) Written by Jeff Greetings! We made it to Tanzania without too much of a hassle.  They wanted to charge us duty for all our excess luggage, but we were able to persuade them differently.  We slept well at the Kia Lodge near the airport and had a … Continue reading March 1, Morning | Jeff

And They’re Off!

All is going well!  The team had a minor delay in their initial flight from La Crosse to Minneapolis, but arrived with time to join my husband and I for lunch here in Minneapolis and to get to their next gate prior to boarding.  They are currently en route and will land in Amsterdam at 6:40 AM on … Continue reading And They’re Off!