March 6 | Rosie N, Jeff H

Yesterday we had a short day at the medical clinic.  The physicians saw several patients, we did two procedures in the OR.  Our day at the clinic ended after the patients were recovered and safely sent home.  After a delicious lunch that was prepared for us, we headed in a bus to a children’s home … Continue reading March 6 | Rosie N, Jeff H

March 4 | Jeff H & Deb R

Greetings from Tanzania! I have enjoyed my time here.  I’ve slept like a rock every night after a full day of work at the clinic! We start each morning at the clinic in the center under a pavilion.  There is a brief chapel service with the staff, patients that are waiting join in as well.  … Continue reading March 4 | Jeff H & Deb R

March 2 | Phillip Y

Hello from Tanzania, We close our second full day in Nyakato and are fatigued but grateful.  We have congealed into a more efficient medical mission team and feel that our roles are more secure.  Most of the team members are from a non­-surgically related medical field.  Despite this divergence, our focus of safe patient care … Continue reading March 2 | Phillip Y