Final Post | Deb R

Hi Everyone, This will be the last blog for the 2011 Tanzania team.  Thank you to everyone that has been following our trip.  We had a good time updating it and really enjoyed reading your comments! Our last day in Tanzania started at 7:00 am.  We loaded the jeeps and headed down into the Ngorongoro Crater.  Once inside … Continue reading Final Post | Deb R

March 11 | Kristy

I can’t believe I’m in Africa! We have departed from our African home at Nyakato and headed home via safari.  Roads are few and far between so to get back to the main airport at Kilimanjaro you have the choice of a bumpy plane flight or safari through the Serengeti.  The choice was easy.  From … Continue reading March 11 | Kristy

The Blue Monkey

A number of things happen when 13 people who have never met one another previously, travel together across 9 time zones, share sleeping accommodations and provide medical care in a third world country.  You see compassion.  You see creativity.  You see brilliance.  And you see sheer stupidity.  For stupidity, we awarded the Blue Monkey, a … Continue reading The Blue Monkey

March 9 | Rosie, Phil

Our last day at the clinic and in the OR in Tanzania—what an experience this has been.  Our team worked side by side with the staff at the clinic, so we got to know each other as we care for the patients.  We found the patients to be very appreciative of what we did, with … Continue reading March 9 | Rosie, Phil

March 11 | Sally H

Jeff S, Sally M and my husband and I (Jeff and Sally H) arrived home yesterday afternoon; we were thrilled to be able to catch an early flight from Minneapolis to La Crosse and were so thankful that all our travels and connections went smoothly.  The long trip gave us plenty of time to reflect … Continue reading March 11 | Sally H

March 9 | Bryce, Dennis

Maasi Warriors At Nyakato, we are guarded by 12 Maasi warriors.  They are positioned covertly around the compound day and night.  The Maasi are an ethnic group of semi nomadic people that live in Kenya and Tanzania near the game parks of East Africa.  They are commonly photographed given their distinctive dress, beads and dancing … Continue reading March 9 | Bryce, Dennis